Disallowance a chance to reset Basin Plan for the better

20 Feb
The Murray Lower Darling Rivers Indigenous Nations (MLDRIN) has welcomed last
week’s decision by the Australian Senate to support a disallowance motion that will
ensure 70 billion litres of water can be restored to the ailing Darling River.
‘Aboriginal organisations have made our opposition to further cuts in water recovery
in the Basin clear from day one,’ said MLDRIN Chair Mr Rene Woods.
‘The Baarka (Darling River) and its tributaries are the lifeblood of culture and Country
for Aboriginal Nations who have called the Basin home for tens of thousands of
years. Our Elders and community leaders have spoken out against the degradation of
these sacred rivers since long before the Basin Plan was signed into law,’ Rene
Woods said.

Aboriginal Nations oppose water cuts

‘Aboriginal organisations consistently opposed any further cuts to water recovery in the Northern Basin throughout the Northern Basin Review process. Water for the environment is critical to support our cultural traditions, health and wellbeing. We know that many people across the Basin, and Australia, share our concerns and aspirations.’
‘Communities have expressed outrage at the degradation of our rivers, the theft of water and the blatant corruption and collusion that has allowed these outrages to go unchecked. We view this disallowance as a crucial opportunity to reset the Basin Plan for the better,’ Rene Woods said.
‘Aboriginal people have participated in good faith through decades of water
management, while our rights and interests are consistently sidelined to favour the
big end of town. Now it’s time for all Basin jurisdictions to respect this decision and
get on with the job of achieving a truly healthy Basin.’
‘We look forward to continuing to build on strong partnerships with all Basin
governments, in order to protect our waterways and sustain our unique cultural
heritage,’ Rene Woods said.
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