ZZCorporate Documents

MLDRIN’s Corporate Documents

If you would like to view MLDRIN’s Constitution a downloadable version is available to the public via the following link Our Constitution.

The MLDRIN Confederation has 8 main principles:

  • Our core principle is that only traditional owners are best placed to talk for Country.
  • The Sovereignty and inherent rights of traditional custodians are never ceded.
  • MLDRIN will not interfere with the internal governance of individual Indigenous Nations.
  • All Indigenous Nations are equal within the MLDRIN Confederacy.
  • MLDRIN respects the diversity of Nations in relation to tradition, sites, stories, cultural practices and governance.
  • Resources of the Confederation will be shared equally.
  • Self-determination of the Nations and of MLDRIN is the only sustainable way to do business.
  • Informed consent is key principle in how MLDRIN operates. This ensures all that community members are aware and are in agreement with the operation of projects and have been granted the opportunity to participate.
MLDRIN’s Values are:
  • Traditional lore and customs of the respective Indigenous Nations are paramount.
  • The land and water are sacred, as is our knowledge of it.
  • The River system must be treated with respect because the land, waters and the people are interconnected.
  • Caring for Country must be sustainable and respectful.
  • Caring for Country means talking to each other, upstream and downstream.
  • The role of Elders is held in the highest esteem and respect.
  • Young people must be respected and involved in the Care for Country.
  • MLDRIN has developed a Strategic Plan that encompasses these principles and values including the development and implementation of programs that fully involve traditional owners in the Caring for Country.