Mutti Mutti Nation

Mutti Mutti Nation

Delegates: Rick Kirby


The Mutti Mutti Nation lies at the heart of southern Murray Basin and includes the centres of Balranald, Robinvale and Euston. Mutti Mutti Country features mallee scrub and Lakes such as Lake Benenee and characterised by the Murrumbidgee River which flows into the Murray River just south of Balranald.

Mutti Mutti traditional territory also extends to the south-western end of the Lake Mungo and Wilandra Lakes system. This is an ancient lake system forming an ancestral and cultural domain that is World Heritage Listed and is a major National Park.

Mutti Mutti Country also includes the newly formed Yanga National Park, the world’s second largest Redgum Forest, which will be opened in late 2006.

Prominent Mutti Mutti people include Aunty Alice Kelly and musicians Adrian Ross and Kutcha Edwards.