Ngarrindjeri Nation

Ngarrindjeri Nation

Delegates: Grant Rigney & Isobel Campbell


Located at the western end of the Murray the Ngarrindjeri Nation includes the city and townships of Renmark, Mannum, Murray Bridge and Meningie. Major geographic features within traditional Ngarrindjeri Country include parts of the Chowilla Floodplain, Murray Mouth and Coorong Lakes and Hindmarsh Island.

The Ngarrindjeri Nation has its own parliament called the Tendi and operates cultural heritage services to the Ngarrindjeri and the wider community including a cultural centre and education facilities at Camp Coorong near Meningie.

As well as being involved in MLDRIN since 1998 the Ngarrindjeri have established some powerful bodies that progress and negotiate with Government on cultural heritage and natural resource management. These include the Ngarrindjeri Land and Progress Association, Ngarrindjeri Native Title Management Committee and the Ngarrindjeri Heritage Committee.

Prominent Ngarrindjeri people include inventor and author David Unaipon who is depicted on the $50 banknote and singer Ruby Hunter