Taungurung Nation

Taungurung  Nation

Delegates: Tandy Annuscheit

Website: www.taungurung.net


Taungurung is a part of the Kulin Nation consisting of language groups Boonerwrunng, Woiworung, Dja Dja wrung and Taungurung who had intermarriage network and language ties.

Taungurung boundaries range from Kilmore in the west through to Wangaratta in the north, eastwards to Mount Beauty and south to the top of the Great Dividing Range. Boundaries were respected in accordance with traditional laws.

Taungurung people where divided into two related language groups, the Yowung-illiam dwellers on the mountains and the Yeerun-illiam dwellers of the river. Taungurung moieties are Bundjil (eaglehawk) and Waa (crow. The nine clans of Taungurung (also referred to as the Goulburn tribe) followed traditional hunting and gathering existence, moving across the landscape utilising the resources (for food, tools, shelter, clothing, medicine, and cultural items for ceremonial purposes) from the environment.

Taungurung were known for occupying the Goulburn River and its tributaries north of the Great Dividing Range. Further, there were ceremonies, marriages and trade with the tribes to the north of Taungurung country.

The Taungurung currently employ a language worker to document and record Taungurung language and is currently compiling a dictionary of Taungurung language. Members use the Taungurung language at home with their children. Our dream time stories have also been recreated in Taungurung language.